Search Engine Optimization is the best way to build a website in order to gain visibility online. Most of the clients seek the best SEO professional in Bangalore to promote their business online and make their presence for their target audience.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly popular. SEO makes it easy to build your web site and web page rank for important keywords to get high search engine traffic to your site. However, many people new to SEO think that SEO is only about the content of a page.

The reality is that SEO involves many other factors that are often overlooked. I will give you three simple tips to use to make your web site rank better in search engines:

1) Use Better Keywords in Your Content

A good rule of thumb is to use the keywords that people are actually searching for in search engines. People want to find what they are looking for. They use keywords in their search query (keywords and phrases) because they want to find the answer to their problem. They don’t really care what the answer is. But, if you can give them the answer, you’ll get traffic.

Use common, everyday words in your content. People aren’t that creative, so use words that they are searching for. If you sell a website design business, don’t talk about how to design a website. Instead, talk about how you help your customers improve their business. You want to rank for those search terms, not those that are just words in a dictionary.

2) Get Links to Your Site

When it comes to SEO, “link popularity” is one of the most important factors. More links is always better. A web site that has only one link is going to have a hard time ranking for important search terms. A web site with 50 links that only have 10 percent being relevant are not going to be successful. There’s a fine line. However, the more links that are to your site, the higher your rank. If you own your own web site, search for web sites that link to your site. If they’re relevant, link to them. If they aren’t, just use a URL redirect service and build your own. There are plenty of free services that will do this for you. Google allows you to create free spam to its AdWords service and you can then buy more targeted ads.

If your business has an e-mail newsletter, you might as well include a URL in it that links back to your site. Your email list will benefit from all the relevant traffic. Make sure that you don’t include too many links as your server might crash or you might just be blocked from making an e-mail campaign.

3) Optimize Your Page Titles and Descriptions

As stated before, make sure you use good, common words in your content. You want to make sure your pages are optimized for those search terms. If you’re selling a business, include the name of the business in the page title and description. If you’re selling a website for your business, include the keywords that you want to rank for. This is probably not very practical for large corporations, but you’re still going to want to optimize your pages.

Your server might get a little annoyed at you and crash if you have too many pages on your site, so you want to keep them at about 5 pages or so. Remember that you have the ability to add new pages later on, so you might want to save those for when you’re going to need them.

4) Optimize Your Image Sizes

As you can tell, you’re not going to want to be using huge images for your website. It’s true that bigger images will probably do the best job of attracting visitors, but they also take longer to load and your server might have to serve them to your visitors. So make sure that you keep your images small enough so that they load quickly and don’t get in the way. You want to create an online gallery to house your images so that they won’t get out of place and be used in multiple places.

You should also make sure that you optimize your images to use the best resolution possible. Most image sizes come in JPG, PNG, or GIF. JPG is the standard image resolution but it’s also much larger than the other two. PNG is probably the best option because it’s the smallest in size and it doesn’t need to be encoded. So make sure you keep your image sizes at the smallest possible resolution.

5) Use WordPress For Everything

WordPress is a good platform for websites because it’s both free and very flexible. It’s free because you don’t have to spend a dime on it and it’s very flexible because you can go as in-depth or as basic as you want. You have tons of tools to choose from, you can make anything you want, and it’s supported by thousands of developers. So if you want a website for your company that can go as in-depth as you want, WordPress is the way to go.

6) Add Some Video

If you have a really good product, make sure that you put it in front of your customer and tell them about it. There’s a reason they bought the product in the first place and the best way to capture that is through video. Video is a great way to engage your customer and it’s an even better way to sell. And the best part is that you can easily do this through WordPress.

7) Tell Your Customers Where To Find You

Don’t hide from your customers. Customers want to be able to find you and buy from you and when they do, they want to know where to find you. So don’t hide. Your email marketing campaign is a great place to do this because you can actually include your social media profiles within it.

These are some quick tips to help you build a successful digital marketing campaign.

As you can see, there’s nothing really difficult about it. All it takes is a little bit of time and the right tools. If you do it all the right way, you’ll see a difference within 2 weeks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be. There’s no need to do it all yourself. There are plenty of resources out there who want to help you out.